Cancellation Policy

Reservation Cancellation and Refund Conditions

To rent a car, you must be at least 21 years old and have at least 1 year B group driving license. It is possible to rent a car for the middle and upper class vehicles by paying the young driver's fee for the middle and upper class vehicles, provided that the condition of being over the age of 21 remains constant and complies with the license period.

In order to use the Young Driver Fee application, the conditions listed below and in the table must be met.

In order to rent the vehicles in the economic group, it is necessary to have at least 21 years old and 1 year driving license. Persons who are in the 19-21 age group and have 1 year driving license can rent a car from the economic group by paying the Young Driver fee.
In order to rent the vehicles in the Comfort group, you must be at least 25 years old and have a 2-year driving license. People between the ages of 21-25 and having a 2-year license can rent a car from the Comfort group by paying the Young Driver fee.
In order to rent the vehicles in the Prestige and Premium group, you must be at least 27 years old and have a license for 3 years. People between the ages of 21-27 and having a license for 3 years can rent a car from the Prestige and Premium group by paying the Young Driver fee.


The minimum rental period is 24 hours.


Fuel Oil, Personal Accident Assurance, Discretionary Financial Liability Assurance, Single-Direction Fee, Delivery / Delivery Fee (0-26 km), Baby Seat Fee, Navigation Device, Additional Driver Fee, Bluetooth Car Kit Fee, Bridge and Highway Pass Device-Card Usage Fee is calculated separately. Delivery of the vehicles to the customer is done with empty tank fuel. According to the vehicle group, the mileage limit varies between 2000 and 4000 km in monthly rentals and the mileage fee varies on a group basis. You can get detailed information from our rental offices.


In the event that the vehicle is returned to another office, the One-Way fee is applied regardless of the rental period. Fee information varies on an office basis, and you can get detailed information by calling our Contact Center at 0252 313 41 00.


The vehicle can be used by the person (s) other than the renter; It is possible to show the Driver's License information of the additional driver / drivers on the Rental Agreement for a fee. In the event of the determination of the contrary situation and / or in the event of an accident, all assurances are deemed invalid and the person (s) who rents and uses the vehicle are held separately and collectively responsible. For price and detailed information, please contact our Contact Center number 0252 313 41 00. (Additional driver rental conditions are the same as in Article 1)



The vehicle you have booked will be informed to you in our offices and your credit rating will be checked and evaluated with the Findex application of the credit registry office. If your credit limit is not found suitable for pre-paid reservations, the car rental fee will be returned to you within 7-14 days.


The explanation about our safeguards is given below. Descriptions are for general and informational purposes. SetCar reserves the right to change this information over time. You can buy the assurances that are not included in our prices and detailed information about valid limits at the beginning of the rental from our sales offices.

Damage - Accident Assurance (CDW): It is a guarantee related to the damage of the vehicle. In case of accident and theft, the material damages and losses that will occur in the vehicle are covered under the General Assurance Conditions.
Discretionary Financial Liability Guarantees (LI-SLI): 3. Guarantees covering damages to the persons.
Mini Damage Assurance (MI): Customer damage and repair assurance for damages below the amount set by SetCar. This package includes the Failure Assurance Package. You can examine the contents of the package from the table below.
Personal Accident Assurance (PAI): It is an assurance that guarantees the driver and the persons inside the vehicle within the limits of the assurance. The number of seats in the vehicle is calculated based on.


In case of any accident or theft of the vehicle, keeping the accident report of the accident without changing the location of the vehicle or by applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie station, getting accident, theft and alcohol detection reports and to the SetCar Full Support Line, which provides service 24/7, 24/7. Giving information is mandatory. Otherwise, all the guarantees purchased are regarded as invalid and any damages incurred are collected from the tenant, including material and moral losses to third parties. In case of failure of the vehicle or need of support for any reason, assistance should be provided from the SetCar Full Support Line numbered 0542 592 4765, which provides 24/7 service.


There is an option of 1 hour for the return of the vehicles. If there is no service with the option of additional hours, full-time fee is reflected in delays exceeding 1 hour.

In case of receiving service with the option of additional hours, the 1-3 hour package will be priced to be 20% of the 1-day rental fee, and the 3-6 hour package will be 40% of the 1-day rental fea.


Payment method is only credit card, there is no cash payment and debit card application. Without a credit card, the lease agreement cannot be opened in the office. The lease agreement is opened during the lease and regulated according to the laws and practices of the country of lease. SetCar General Rental Conditions are valid for the rentals that will take place.

The difference of the invoice amount that may occur at the end of the lease is collected at the rental point or returned. The credit card holder must be present during the rental. Renting with someone else's credit card cannot be made.

Depending on the vehicle group to be rented from the credit card submitted by the customer, a deposit or pre-authorization block will be made between 500 and 2000 TL. In this process, additional driver fee will be charged.

Deposit fees

Economic Group: Renault Symbol - Fiat Linea - Dacia Loggy - Dacia Logan - Deposit fee for Nissan Micra 300 TL

Comfort Group: Hyundai Accent Blue - Hyundai İ20 - Fiat Doblo - Dacia Duster - Ford Focus - Ford Custom - Renault Megane deposit fee 500 TL

Prestige Group: Deposit fee for Volkswagen Passat - Mini Cooper - BMW 1.16 750 TL

Premium Group: Mercedes Benz C 180 - Deposit fee for Mercedes Benz E 180 1000 TL

The amounts and criteria related to the deposit are given in the table below on the basis of vehicle group.

Please Read!

For premium vehicle groups


Payment of the deposit amounts specified for other vehicle groups MUST BE MADE FROM THE CREDIT CARD OF YOUR PERSON.

For this reason, in addition to the rental fee, limit availability in the above amounts is required. The amount collected or blocked as deposit, at the end of the lease, additional services, guarantees, fuel, damage, penalty, etc., if any, mentioned above. After deducting the non-booking prices such as, they will be returned to the same card or blocked. Deposit refunds are reflected on your credit card within 7-9 business days after the refund is due to internal communication.


Online Immediate Payment statement states that your rental fee and additional services you choose will be paid online immediately.

Online reservation page; whether the reservation is confirmed or not; It is not a replacement for car rental agreement. The person named in the Prepaid Booking Form detail is hired.

If SetCar cannot provide the rental service for reasons that depend on it, it will refund the full amount paid by the customer.

SetCar Prepaid Reservation Forms, which show a prepaid value, replaces only the amount of the prepaid reservations written on the reservation form for the leases to be made at SetCar rental locations.

Additional services and assurances that the customer can request at the beginning or in the process of the lease and fuel, one-way etc. does not include spending costs. Our customers' credit card is required during the lease for other services, assurance, spending or traffic penalty and damage prices (written in the rental agreement, if the conditions described in the things to be done in case of accident and theft) are not fulfilled .

At the stage of reflecting the payments made to our customers' credit cards, all kinds of commissions, exchange rate, service fee, etc. that the banks holding the credit card can apply for any reason. costs are not the responsibility of the SetCar brand.

For online prepaid bookings, there are two different online payment options, REFUNDABLE PRE-PAYMENT and REFUNDABLE PREPAYMENT. The lease terms for both options are listed below.

Non-Refundable Payment Booking Rental Conditions

For reservations made with non-refundable prepayment option, the rental day, hour and vehicle information cannot be updated or changed.
When booking with non-refundable prepayment option, the total cost of the rented vehicle will be charged from the credit card used during the payment, and no refund will be made if the vehicle is not received or canceled.
For prepaid reservations made with the Virtual Card, the credit card to which the virtual card is processed must be presented.
The discount earned through the non-return prepaid reservation cannot be combined with any other campaign.
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