Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make a reservation.
You can make your reservation by filling out our reservation form on our web address and informing us of your car rental request, or you can make your car rental reservation by calling us from our GSM telephone number 24 hours 0 542 592 47 65 and also between 08:30 and 22:00 in the morning.

2. How Will I Receive My Vehicle?
For our guests coming from Bodrum, Dalaman, İzmir, Antalya airports, you will be greeted by the customer reception staff of Set Oto Kiralama at the airports. Our personnel, who are competent in car rental, meet our incoming guests with the name, the name of which is at the airport exit gate, and delivers the vehicle that has been distinguished as soon as possible. Apart from the airport, we can deliver your vehicle to your private address in Bodrum, as well as you can pick up your car at our Head Office located at the Bodrum bus terminal entrance.

3. What is included in your car rental prices? Will we encounter any bad surprises?
As Set Car Rental company, our company, which carries on car rental and airport and private VIB transfer services in Bodrum peninsula and Bodrum airport for 13 years without interruption, has a company profile that keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground at all times. We never came across our guests with bad surprises. For this reason, our company is growing steadily every year. You are not given all the necessary information at the time of booking.

4. When should I pay the Car Rental fee to you?
When you make your car rental reservation, you will not be asked for any prepayment. You can pay your car rental fee when you receive your car or at the end of your travel, you can make it to our authorized personnel who receive your car.

5. What Should We Do If We Have An Accident With The Vehicle We Leased Or If The Vehicle Fails?
As Set Oto Kiaralama Firm, we rent cars to our guests in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Tourism, with age and quality. Safety of our guests is our top priority. If your vehicle is involved in any accident or malfunctions, you can reach us through emergency, 24 hours 0 542 592 47 65, 24 hours Road assistance, You can use our assistant service. Apart from calling us in case of an accident, all you need to do is to keep a report without leaving your vehicle away from the scene, not to exceed the legal alcohol limits.

6. Apart from Car Rental, do you have Airport Transfer Service?
Set Oto Kiralama is also an agency of Mavi Ege Tourism and Travel Agency. (Group A, Document No. 4154) With the authorization certificate issued by the Ministry of Tourism, we are able to provide private transfer services and car rental services from Bodrum, Dalaman, İzmir, Antalya airports or to any address you wish, in accordance with the standards of the union. Apart from this, you can obtain all Airline Airline Tickets from our company.
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