Rental Agreement

With this agreement the Lessor ER ŞAHİN TURİZM TİCARET LTD. ŞTİ. Rents the mentioned vehicle (it will be mentioned as vehicle in this agreement) to the person whose name and addresses are mentioned on this agreement. The renter  promise to use the vehicle under the conditions mentioned in this agreement. (Rental Period, Return Station, etc). The renter also accepts paying the rental fee and general conditions of this agreement. By signing this agreement the renter accepts all the obligations related to this agreement. All the notifications made to the address mentioned on this agreement are considered pre accepted.

The Renter will return the vehicle complete and as its was with all its tires, spare tire, with all the documents, accessories, to the location mentioned on the agreement to SET CAR RENTAL offices. For all the extension the renter has to contact the Lessor and get their approval. For all the extension without approval, its automatically accepted that the renter is holding the vehicle illegally. The renter accepts paying extra fees for services such as Navigation kit, baby-kids seat, snow tires.
The Renter accepts receiving the Vehicle both mechanically and bodywork wise in good condition. And that the vehicle has no damage and no scratches from any accident (Except mentioned on the Rental Agreement and Vehicle Delivery Form). The Renter accepts unconditionally to pay all damage caused by user error such as faulty gear changing,using the vehicle despite the error lights, hitting the bottom of the vehicle, and driving under the influence of Alcohol. The Renter also agrees to pay all damage caused that is not covered by insurance including 3rd party requests.
The Vehicle used by the Renter and mentioned above is protected by basic Rental Car Traffic insurance. The Renter, by paying extra fees, can get extra insurances such as, TP, CDW, İMM, PAİ for himself , for third parties and for the vehicle. Otherwise he/she will be responsible of all kind of administrative and legal punishments. In any case the Renter is responsive of paying all damages done to the top body of the car done by hitting bridge, balkony, trees, etc)
Accepting the damage exemption (Thief, damage, personal accident insurance, optional financial liability assurances) does not release liability. The Renter uncontionaly accepts that if below conditions occurs, he/she will liable to the full extend.
If under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident.
Situations where legal speed limit is exceeded. (On the Legal Accident Report it has to be clearly stated that the accident is the result of speed limit exceeding)
If the is no legal accident report issued, and no alcohol raport exists or intentional accidents.
Driving the Vehicle against the Traffic Laws
If the accident resulted by drivers whose names not mentioned on the agreement as first or second drivers.
When the insurance fee is not paid by the Turkish insurance companies Union or/and when the insurance company does not pay for any reason.
The Vehicle will not be used under below circumstances.
Carrying passengers or goods openly or secretly for any kind of income.
For pulling or pushing any kind of vehicle or trailer
Carrying goods against custom legislation
Under the influence of Alcohol or drugs.
By a 2nd driver that is not registered on the agreement
Motor Sport, competition, race, speed test included.
Overloading the car over its capacity that will cause damage to the car.
Improper use of the vehicle without considering its size and capacity.
Use of the Vehicle:
Depending on the vehicle only Renters that holds driver licence that are valid for 1,2 or 3 years can rent
The driver has to be older than the minimum age limit.
The Vehicle can only be used by the first and 2nd driver mentioned on the agreement.
If the renter authorize another driver then he/she will be totally responsible off all the items on the agreement.
The Renter by the request of the Lessor, has to pay all related fees under the Lessors conditions:
The daily rental fee which is calculated by the current price list
The Renter accepts to pay the fees of insurances such as CDW, SCDW, TP, iMM, PAİ, to pay all the legal fees, to pay highway fees, drop and pick-up fees. If there is less petrol at at the end of the agreement, the Renter will pay the cost of the Petrol price.
In an accident situation if the Renter did not pay the CDW, he/she will be responsible of all related fees.
If the reason of the accident is the Renters fault such as drunk driving or similar reasons, the Lessor gains the right to ask the Renter to pay all the expenses. At the beginning of the rental period, an pre provision is collected from the Renters Credit Card. The Renter accepts in advance not to challenge the Lessor for any charge related to damage to the car.
If the vehicle is stolen and if the Renter did not take the TP insurance, then he/she will be responsible for paying the vehicle actual market price.
During Auto-thief situations, general insurance rules applies. But during situation where insurance companies does not recognize the situation as thief then the Renter is fully responsible and has to pay the full market price of the car.
The Lessor can not be held responsible for anything left and stolen from the car.
The Renter is responsible of paying all the fees except the 3rd party compulsory traffic insurance coverage. But if the Renter pays and takes the İMM then he/she is exempt for paying the fees (As mentioned in the Turkish insurance Companies Union Conditions)  
The Renter and all the additional drivers have to take precautions in order to preserve the rights of the Lessor and the insurance company. These includes:
To take the names and  addresses of the related parties
Accidents with two parties involved the pictures of photocopies of related parties driver licence, car licence, insurance policies.
Not accepting responsibility or the offence.
Not leaving the vehicle without taking necessary precautions
Materiel accidents with death involved the renter has to report the situation to the police or to the nearest government official.
Accident records and all the reports has to reach the Lessor office in 24 Hours.
The Lessor can not be held responsible for any item carried or lost in the vehicle. The Lessor frees itself for any complaint or court case related to such a situation
During periods where the Vehicle is not used The Renter has to take all precaution against accident and thief. The Renter also has to lock the doors all times. In case of a stolen vehicle situation, The Renter has to return the key and the licence of the Vehicle to the Lessor. The Renter has to prove to the Lessor that he/she took all the precaution and informed the police about the situation then he/she will be released from responsibility  and take advantage of theft assurance.
All the property damage to 3rd parties and to the people inside the Vehicle, treatment expenses are limited to the compulsory traffic insurance. All extra  cost are the responsibility of the Renter.
The Lessor can not be held responsible for lost caused by manufacturing errors or for any mechanical problems.
If the Renter is carrying passengers and goods, he/she or the driver will be responsible for any damage caused to the goods or to the passengers
The Renter has to obey all Highway regulation, The Renter can not claim not to know the local regulations. The Renter is responsible of the tickets caused by his/her mistakes.All the tickets that are not paid by the Renter and received by the Lessor will be paid to the government and 20 Lira / ticket service fee will be added to the Renters bill.
In case The Renter does not comply with any part of this agreement especially if The Renter does not return the Vehicle on time, The lessor will have the right to tow / take back the Vehicle without warning the Renter in advance. The Renter will be responsible of any damage caused by the towing and will be responsible of the cost of the towing.
The Renter will pay by Credit Card, Cash or Voucher. If the Lessor and the Renter has open accounts then the Renter will pay all the bills sent by the Lessor on time. If the Renter does not pay the Renting fee or any other fees related to the agreement, He/She will automatically accepts paying twice the Turkish National Bank interests as a delinquency payment.
If the Renter does not return the Vehicle on the date mentioned on the agreement,The Renter declares that he/she will not benefit from any insurance.
Unless is done written no change is valid.
In case of not paid rent, the Lessor (ER ŞAHİN TURİZM TİCARET LTD. ŞTİ) reserve the right to confiscate the vehicle without giving any guarantee to the court.
The Renter accepts beforehand that the Lessors books and records are legal evidence during any conflict.
Bodrum Courts are authorized for any dispute or conflict

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