Terms of Use

Terms of Use
This site is Er Şahin Turizm ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. operated by. Er Şahin Turizm ve Ticaret Ltd. with the expressions of "We", "Our", "Us", "Us" within these rules of use Sti. By "You", "Your", "You", "You" are meant visitors / visitors. Please review these terms of use carefully before using this site. Your use of this site indicates that you agree to connect with the terms of use set out below.

Making a Reservation on this Site
Whether approved or not, a reservation does not constitute an agreement for the supply of a rental car. The agreement is made during the lease and regulated by the laws of the country where the lease is made.

Data Protection
All personal information you transmit to us when using this website will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Using the Booking Module
The ability to make reservations on this site has been prepared so that you can make reservations with legal rights only for yourself or those traveling with you. No fake or fraudulent reservations should be made.

Copying, publishing, distribution, transfer of the materials and / or the basic software code contained in this website cannot be in question without our prior written permission.

Acceptable Use
Work only on this website, you can use the website or the Republic of Turkey with the aim corresponding with the laws and regulations in the country you enter, provided they stay true to the site's terms of use.

- Not to post or post harmful, obscene, defamatory or other illegal information on this site;
- Not to use this site in a way that could violate someone else's rights;
- Not making any informal, fake or fraudulent reservations;
Not to interfere with the operation of this website by any means, using any software, work program or tool;
- Not to disrupt, alter or interfere with the software code that forms the basis and appearance of this site;
- Do not take any action unreasonable or that would impose a load on the site's capacity to this site or its associated infrastructure;
- Not to enter any of our networks for any reason whatsoever;
you have accepted

As a Budget, without touching all of our other rights (legal or other)
cancel your reservations without notice and / or
We reserve the right to prevent you from accessing this site when you are believed to violate the terms of use set out here (using our discretion).

Changes to the Website
We can change or eliminate the information, service, product and other data on this website without making any announcement. In addition, we may make changes to the usage rules stated here. These changes are considered to be effective from the moment they are included in the site. Accordingly, your login and use of this site means that you accept the renewed rules.

Links to Other Websites
This website may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the information, data, products and services available on linked sites. You are solely responsible for entering and using these sites.

Internet - Email
The reliability of messages sent over the Internet is not completely guaranteed for reasons such as loss, corruption. For these reasons, no liability is assumed for the correctness of any message sent by email - whether it was sent to you from US or sent to us from you.

Viewing the Website
It is not guaranteed that the information provided to you through the website will always be uninterrupted or error free, or that the data, software and other electronic materials contained in the pages provided through the site will be free from viruses, trojans and other similar components.

We take all necessary precautions to keep all of the information you transmit through this website using the reservation module reliably and to prevent unauthorized access to this information, but we will not be liable by us for any unauthorized access to any information and any damages that may occur.

Limitation of Liability
No liability is accepted for direct or indirect, special, punitive and exemplary losses and damages that may be met due to the information contained in this site.

Disclaimer of Liability

All responsibilities regarding the information, services and data on this site are waived within the framework of the permit of the law. Since this information, service and data are available or available on the site, they do not assume any liability to the site owner.

Pay Loss

You agree to cover all liabilities, losses, claims and costs (including legal costs) that may arise due to a violation of these rules of use, and to protect us from the above mentioned situations.

These terms of use include the rules of your agreement with us regarding the use of this site. In addition, no written or verbal declaration will be considered.
The use of this website, any data downloaded from this site and all transactions related to these usage rules will be treated according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and will be reviewed.
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